Meet Nathalie

Nathalie Buratto is the owner and founder of Total Translations, a boutique translation and editing service specialising in English-German and German-English translations, as well as French, Spanish and Danish to German. Due to Nathalie’s international background (German native with a UK degree living in Australia), she knows the subtleties of the German language as well as of the English language varieties very well and has helped start-ups as well as large-scale companies, NGOs, and individuals to reach their international goals with custom-made translations and localisations.

Nathalie holds a Master’s degree in German and English Linguistics, Scandinavian Studies and Marketing with honours from Freie Universität Berlin and University College London and is a certified Business Translator.

To offer you a broad portfolio of several languages, specialisations and services, Nathalie collaborates with translators, proofreaders, editors and graphic designers in the whole world.  Our target is to help you reach out to your target market with a translation service that is creative, personal and detail-oriented.

Nathalie is a world citizen who has visited most countries in the world, and has lived in Berlin, London, Frankfurt, Doha, and The Hague before settling down in Melbourne, Australia, with her husband. On her blog she blogs about translation, language and entrepreneurialism.