So how does this work?

It is easy and simple: You send me an e-mail with the detailed description of your request (type and scope of the text(s), deadline, topic, word count, target group, purpose, etc.). Ideally, you already send an excerpt of one to two pages (if possibler MS Word or Open Office format), so that I can make you an individual offer. If you agree, you will send me the entire document and will receive it back by the previously arranged deadline. You will then have 30 days to make the payment of the previously negotiated amount via paypal or wire transfer.

Do you have a particular target group?

In principle, everyone who is in need of professional translation, editing and/or copywriting services at an excellent price-value ratio. With our linguistic qualification and intercultural expertise, we are the preferred provider vor small businesses, startups and freelancers who would like to expand their business to new markets and require a translation of their website or marketing material or need intercultural training. Small and medium-size publishing houses are another area of expertise, as we provide them with an attractive allround package, as well as authors and writers who would like to have their manuscript get the finishing touches. Self-employed journalists, editors, artists, designers and PR consultants profit from our linguistic and cultural expertise.

I own a small publishing house and would like to “outsource” some of the editing tasks. Have I come to the right place?

Editing and publishing are our expertise, and we offer attractive one-stop packages to publishers of all specialisations. With our affordable prices, our range of services and our flexibility, we are the preferred provider of language and text services for smaller publishers with a limited budget who want to enjoy all the perks of professional and high quality editing services without breaking the bank. We offer a one-stop solution to all your editorial needs – because we make good texts even better! Our services include, but are not limited to, proofreading and editing, blurb production, writing of synopses and reports, translations, designing attractive book covers, writing advertising texts and launching PR campaigns. Should you wish to promote your book to markets abroad, we counsel you with the help of experienced literary agents.

How do I know how much I have to pay?

Prices are calculated based on the source text (word, line or standard page). All prices will be agreed upon upfront so that you always know what you will pay at the end and budget ahead.

Do you offer any discount?

For large orders (more than 25,000 words) you will receive a discount as well. There is also the possibility of getting a flat rate offer in line with your individual budget. As regular client with large and regular orders, you can profit from up to 50% discount off the indicated prices.

Can we get a sample translation or correction?

We do not do sample translations. Our minimum charge of 30 euro is very inexpensive so that you can convince yourself of our skills at a very low risk. However, first time clients for editing and proofreading can get 300 words corrected for free.

Do you have a branch office?

No, we operate “mobile offices” in a straightforward, cost-effective and contemporary manner. Our experts are located around the world. That way, we do not only guarantee that there is always an expert promptly responding to your request and knowing the cultural background of your target group, it also translates into our affordable prices. Thanks to the internet, we are connected worldwide, and our operational costs are moderate. We pass on these cost savings to you as the customer! However, should you need to send us something by snail mail, this is also possible. Please contact us.