What I don’t do

I am specialised in translation, editing and text production in the following areas: Marketing, PR, Communications, Advertising, Tourism, Economics and Finance, Law, Publishing and Journalism. By and large, texts in these genres do not just explain things – like technical texts -, but affect the psyche of the reader, grab their attention, arouse interest and create the impulse to purchase the advertised services or products. To master translations in these fields or produce advertising material from scratch, you have to know the culture and consumer behaviour of the desired target group very well – and this is where you can count on us! We know the cultures of the language groups in our portfolio very well and can thus help you reach your customers where you need to! We are masters of the subtleties of a language, because in marketing and advertising, tiny things can have a huge impact, and we will endeavour to find the very best words and expressions to make you succeed! A printer or air conditioner is used in the same manner around the world; a technical manual does not need to observe any finesses or subtleties. Marketing and advertising, however, is very different from country to country and depends largely on the target group you want to reach (in terms of age, gender, status, budget, etc.). We do NOT do technical word-for-word translations, but we help you expand your business and grab your (prospective) customers’ attention by addressing their heart and soul!

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