(English) Your Business in 3D

No, of course I don’t mean that you make a 3D movie – it’s all about the three “D” you need if you want to grow your business: Diversify, Delegate, Develop. If you want to make your business BIG instead of dragging yourself from one job to the next, if you want to be in the driver’s seat, you need to diversify, delegate and develop.

In our modern days of time pressure, work speed and complexity, most customers nowadays want to get things done efficiently and in a streamlined fashion. This means they want one-stop solutions, and whether you like it or not, you will have noticed that the current trend goes from supermarkets to hypermarkets that sell everything from groceries, toiletries and textiles to electronical devices, hardware, and even furniture, so that they only stop once and get the full package, which saves time and effort. This contemporary marketing concept does extremely well. Likewise, you see hairdressers, flowershops or bookshops incorporating cafés, post offices functioning as an internet café and a stationer at the same time, combined hostels/laundries and so on. So if you want to go BIG, you have to DIVERSIFY. You need to offer your customers additional services they might need or offer them a unique shopping experience they can only get at your place. You might need partners for diversification, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for potential partners early on.

This leads us to the next step: to DELEGATE. If you want your business to thrive, you will need to delegate tasks. It is impossible that you can manage all tasks of your diversified business on your own, so make sure to delegate those tasks to the ones who can do them. For instance, you might be a gifted graphics designer, but maybe your writing skills leave something to be desired. So make sure to create a one-of-a-kind marketing brochure for your customer with YOUR graphical talent and the linguistic skills of a professional editor/copywriter. It will be a win-win-situation for all of you: both you and your partner will be able to grow their business by focusing on their expertise and delegating other tasks to respective experts, and the customer gets a one-stop product, which will be completed more quickly, be higher in quality, lower in price and offers them the advantage to have one contact person through the entire process instead of knocking at umpteen different doors. At the same time, you also need backups in your area of expertise so that you can ‘outsource’ your assignments if you are too busy, sick or on leave. This, again, is a win-win situation for everyone: you will get a commission whilst on holiday or focusing on other tasks, your backup gets a chance to work on their portfolio and get a reference, and your customer will have their project completed even though you are not available.

Today’s business world is a rapidly changing one, and in order to grow your business and keep it BIG, you have to keep track with current developments, not only in your area of expertise, but also in related areas. Let’s say, it’s three of you, a web designer, an SEO expert and an editor who as a team create online marketing material for a customer (because you have diversified and delegated). It is mandatory that each of you know what the other one is doing. For example, the editor cannot write texts without a basic knowledge of SEO. Also, the rules and realities might change, there will be new products on the market, etc. That is why you, and everyone of you, need to DEVELOP. That way, you also have a marketing advantage, as you prove to your customers that you keep up to scratch, and by professional development, you might be able to fill a niche before others do. Whether it’s a software programme, a rhetorical technique, intercultural training or accounting skills – make sure to DEVELOP to grow your business and offer your customers the very best service experience – impress them with your up-to-date knowledge and skills!

If you continuously keep diversifying, delegating and developing, you will notice the difference. You will get new and more customers, you can ask for higher prices and get them, and you will alwys have a product or service to rely on if another one in your portfolio is less in demand. So if you want to go big, think 3D!

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