Translation as a Marketing Strategy

Would the Beatles have been as successful in Germany if they had not translated some of their songs into German? If you want to make your products or services succeed, it is not enough to offer them in your native language – in a globalised world, this does not make sense. Show your prospective customers that you respect them by addressing them in their language – invest in quality translation services! In a world of growing competition, it is not (only) about the product, but about the customer: Speaking your customers’ language(s) gives you a considerable business advantage. Consider the benefits of translating your website and marketing materials into other languages. It expands your business across borders.

There are no shortcuts to quality translation. Machine translation cannot capture the nuances of a language. I am sure you have often smirked at the sometimes rather funny translations you have encountered, e.g. in hotels or restaurants abroad. On the other hand, quality translation provided by a professional service makes an impression. Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and bad style can cost your reputation with the desired target audience you need to attract to your business. If your target audience sees you have an eye for detail, they will choose your products and services over your competitor’s. Error-free and readable texts which are adapted to the desired target market are the nuts and bolts of marketing!

As the world is growing closer, as cultures will increasingly mix in a multicultural society, as companies are doing business across borders, translation will become more and more important in business, commerce, purchasing and marketing. Jump ahead of your competition by offering multilingual marketing materials that are as great as the products you sell!

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